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Audio for poem

Performing own poem Rubric








Each idea is expressed clearly and makes the audience think.

Each idea is individually expressed.


There is one strong idea and others are beginning to emerge.



There is at least one central idea in the poem.




The audio presentation flows naturally and fluently. It follows the flow of ideas.

Good use of expression but it isn’t always fluent or doesn’t follow the flow of ideas.

Some attempt to express words or phrases in a way that makes them stand out.

There is little variation in expression or tone.

Writer’s version


I heard the poem exactly the way the writer wanted

There are moments when I get what the writer wanted to communicate.

I’m not convinced this is the way it sounded in the writer’s head.

It could have been anyone’s poem.


Clear sense of audience and purpose. Has something personal in the way it is written.

There are flashes of the author’s personality.


Tone and expression communicate the overall feeling of the poem


No personal connection in the writing of the poem the poem.