Coursework portfolios

For the Language portfolio:

Assignment 1 must fit the following criteria:  inform, analyse, argue.
  • Your cultural piece: using a snapshot of one event or one place, give some insight into a different culture
Assignment 2 must fit the following criteria: imagine, describe, narrate.
  • This could be any of your creative writing drafts
  • Fairy Tale rewrite
  • 2 Sides to Every Story
Assignment 3 must fit the following criteria: responding to a  text which contains facts, opinions and arguments. 
It must also do the following:
  • select, analyse and evaluate points
  • explain the views presented
  • develop any areas of interest
  • argue with or against the views presented
  • examine the views for inconsistencies
  • give complementary or opposing views
  • not be in  the same form and style as assignment 1
Also important: every assignment must use different writing intentions and styles. (i.e. different purpose and audience, different type of writing)

The rubric for the three combined pieces is here.  You can use it to evaluate and improve your writing.

For the Literature portfolio:

One of the assignments (but not two) may be on a text prepared for Paper 1.  This means one can be based on either MAAN, the poetry anthology or The Great Gatsby.

  • One piece must be on The Crucible.  This will probably come from your A Layer assignment but could be something else.
  • You can use your A Layer poetry assignment.
  • You can use one piece from your MAAN magazine assignment.