Movie Review

When writing your movie review it might be useful to answer the following questions:
1. Opening scenes of plays have to grab the audience's attention.  How does the text and the movie do this (or not!)?
  • does it introduce major characters?
    • who?
    • how?
  • what themes or ideas are introduced?
    • what?
    • how?
2. What visual clues does the movie provide?
  • costumes
  • setting
  • actors
    • physical characteristics
    • "star factor"
    • previous roles
  • cinematography
3. What aural clues does the movie provide?
  • music
  • sound effects
4. What choices has the director made in abridging the text? Why?

You will find the movie rubric here.  It will give you a clear understanding of what is expected in your finished review.