Claudio and Hero demonstrate a courtly love.  A marriage of convenience to both parties as well as being based on a romantic ideal of love.
Benedick and Beatrice demonstrate a more honest, realistic love. They are older and wiser in their wooing.
Perhaps Shakespeare questions what love is built on through both couples.  The one is a textbook definition, the other begins through a trick.

Honour or Pride
Beatrice is accused of pride by Ursula, Margaret and Hero.
Benedick is accused of pride by Don Pedro and Claudio.
Leonato's honour is at stake when Hero is falsely accused.  He has a position and expectation to uphold.
Claudio's honour is at stake for marrying a woman of loose morals.  He too has status that would be adversely affected.  There is also the honour of having trusted someone and feeling betrayed.
Don Pedro's honour is threatened by his association with the arrangement of Claudio's marriage.

Claudio - is deceived into thinking Don Pedro has wooed Hero for himself.
Beatrice/Benedick - they are deceived into loving each other.  There are suggestions that they have been in a previous relationship with each other.  Would it be possible for them to be tricked into loving each other if there weren't some attraction already present?  
Don John - deliberately deceives Claudio and Don Pedro to disgrace Hero.  In a sense Hero is an innocent victim, it is Claudio Don John is aiming at.  Are Claudio and Don Pedro ripe for the deception?
Margaret - is involved in the deception to make Don Pedro and Claudio believe she is Hero.
Hero - at the end Hero pretends to be another woman to test Claudio's remorse.

masked ball - why do the characters use disguise here?
Margaret - why does Margaret allow the pretence that she is Hero?
Hero - is disguised at the end so Claudio can prove his remorse and offer restitution to Leonato

Borachio - overhears Don Pedro and Claudio planning the wooing of Hero. 
Antonio's servant - also overhears Don Pedro and Claudio planing the wooing of Hero but his understanding is that Don Pedro is wooing for himself.
Don Pedro/Claudio - Claudio believes Don Pedro has wooed for himself.
Beatrice/Benedick - overhear their friends talking about Benedick/Beatrice's love.
Claudio/Don Pedro - led to believe that Hero has been unfaithful.