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Cover Page

CriteriaExemplary               3Proficient                2Poor                          1
GraphicsThere is a big main picture which the reader can immediately connect to the main story or theme of the magazine.The picture catches the reader’s attention but may not make an immediate connection to the magazine’s contents.There is more than one picture and they do not relate to the contents of the pull out section.
HeadingsThe headings are arranged in a way that makes it easy to read. There are a range of sizes reflecting the importance of the content they refer to. They have clever hooks to interest or intrigue the reader.The headings are too similar in size to distinguish between them and the importance of the content they refer to.  They convey the main idea or message of the pieces they refer to but not in an intriguing or interesting way.There are few headings. They do not convey the message or idea of the content inside.  They do not interest the reader.
FontThe font used on the page is clear and easy to read.  It fits the subject. There are different sizes to reflect the importance of content they refer to.The fonts are clear and easy to read but may seem an odd choice.  The sizes of font used do not help the reader to understand the importance of the content it refers to.The fonts chosen are difficult to read and do not match the purpose and audience of the magazine.
There is no difference in sizes.