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English Language Coursework Portfolio

This information is taken from the syllabus.

  A Grade B Grade C Grade
 Candidates describe and reflect effectively upon experience, give detail and analyse thoughtfully what is felt and imagined. Arguments are cogent and developed in mature, persuasive thought.Candidates describe and reflect upon experience and analyse with occasional success what is felt and imagined. Some argument is well developed and interesting, although the explanation may not always be consistent.Candidates express clearly what is felt and imagined and supply some detail, explanation and exemplification for the benefit of the reader. Arguments are expressed in a competent series of relevant points and a clear attempt is made to develop some of them.
 paragraphingFacts, ideas and opinions are ordered logically, each stage in the argument or narrative carefully linked to the next. Paragraphing is a strength, and candidates are confident in experimenting where appropriate in the structure of expressive writing.Facts, ideas and opinions are often well ordered so that the construction of the writing is clear to the reader. Sentences within paragraphs are mostly well sequenced, although some paragraphs may finish less effectively than they begin.A clear attempt is made to present facts, ideas and opinions in an orderly way,although there may be some insecurity in the overall structure.
sentence structuresCandidates write with assurance, using a wide range of effective vocabulary and varied, well-constructed sentences.Candidates write with some confidence, demonstrating an emergent range of varied vocabulary and some fluency in the construction of sentences.Candidates write competently, using appropriate if sometimes unadventurous vocabulary and writing sentences that mostly link ideas successfully.
 Candidates vary their style with assurance to suit audience and context in all three assignments.Candidates give evidence of understanding the need to write appropriately to audience and context even if there is not complete consistency in the three assignments.
Candidates make a clear attempt in at least one assignment to write with a sense of audience and there may also be some evidence of adapting style to context.
spelling, punctuation, grammarCandidates write accurately. They use punctuation and grammatical structures to define shades of meaning. They spell simple, complex and technical words with precision.
Candidates show some signs of understanding how punctuation and grammatical structures can be used to aid communication. Errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar are minor, and rare at the top of this band.Candidates use punctuation and grammar competently although the range is not great. There may be a number of minor errors especially at the bottom of this band and even occasional errors of sentence separation.