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You can work with a partner on the interview prewriting stage but you must each write your own article.

Your questions should
  • be open
  • allow interesting answers
  • reveal little known/overlooked details about the characters
  • allow answers that add to the reader’s knowledge of the characters
  • cover a range of time/events in the plot/relationship
Your answers should
  • reveal the similarities and differences in the characters
  • show the relationship between the characters
  • capture characteristics of the characters
Standard 10.2.3
Read to draw inferences, evaluate effectiveness, compare, analyse, synthesise.
Standard 10.3.3
Standard 10.3.4
Select relevant detail
Standard 10.3.5
Distinguish viewpoint
Standard 10.3.7
Analyse plot, characterisation
Standard 10.3.10
Make connections
Standard 10.3.11
Evaluate, interpret
Standard 10.5.2
Show a clear sense of audience
Standard 10.5.3
Demonstrate a sophisticated use of vocabulary and structures
Standard 10.5.4
Write responses to literature in a wide range of styles
Standard 6

Exemplary              4Proficient                3     Basic                       2Poor                        1
The question and answer structure is used effectively through open questions that allow the characters to give  fully developed answers that reveal their characteristicsThe questions allow the characters to give full answers.  The questions are clearly organised.
We see glimpses of their characteristics.
The question and answer structure is used but the questions do not follow on in a natural way.There are questions and answers but the answers are completed in one line.
Characteristics are not revealed in the answers
The answers are insightful and reveal aspects of the character that are new or might be overlookedThe answers reveal interesting aspects of the characters that may be overlooked.
The answers show an understanding of the charactersThe answers are obvious and do not show understanding of the characters.
The questions and answers covered a range of time and events in the play.There were questions and answers from at least three different points of the play.There were questions and answers relating to two different points of the plotOnly one event/time period was covered by the questions and answers.
The writer cleverly drew out the similarities and differences in the characters through the words and attitudes they gave the characters. The differences and similarities between the characters are brought out through their answers.The characters use words that reflect who they are in the play.
The characters could be anyone from anywhere.
There is a clear sense of relationship between the characters and the writer shows how they relate.The relationship between the characters is shown through the answers.The relationship between the characters is stated.There is no indication of the relationship between the two characters or why they were chosen.