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Marriage Announcement

Standard 2
READING: Comprehension and Analysis of Nonfiction and Informational Text

G10.2.1    Read to show a more precise understanding of extended texts

G10.2.3     Read to draw inferences, evaluate effectiveness, compare, analyze synthesize

Standard 3
READING: Comprehension and Analysis of Literary Text
All students should their knowledge and understanding of literature by being able to:

G10.3.3    Paraphrase

G10.3.4    Select relevant detail

All students should show their critical interpretation of literature by being able to:

G10.3.6    Explore theme, motivation

G10.3.7    Analyze plot, characterization

All students should show their judgment and personal response of literature by being able to:

G10.3.11 Evaluate, interpret

Standard 5
WRITING: Applications (Different Types of Writing and Their Characteristics)

G10.5.1    Show a wide and varied sense of different styles to interest, inform or convince the reader.

G10.5.2    Show a clear sense of audience

G10.5.3    Demonstrate a sophisticated use of vocabulary and structures.

G10.5.4    Write responses to literature in a wide range of styles (both informal, reflective, formal and academic) that demonstrate the depth of their understanding, critical appreciation, judgment and personal response to what they have read.

Standard 6
WRITING: English Language Conventions

G10.6.1    Produce writing that demonstrates accuracy in punctuation and spelling.

G10.6.2    Write accurate simple and complex sentences

G10.6.3    Employ varied sentence structures.

G10.6.4    Write in well constructed paragraphs.

G10.6.5    Use imaginative and varied vocabulary.

IdeasWhat you write shows good understanding of the characters and their relationship.The announcement gives a good description of the charactersThe characters of Beatrice and Benedick are sketched out.It’s hard to tell who the people getting married are.
OrganisationUses the correct format of a wedding announcement.Clearly formatted as a wedding announcementThe format is recognisable as a wedding announcement but there is too much information.The writing is formatted as a descriptive piece.
Word ChoiceFormal wording yet captures the humorous nature of the  relationship between Beatrice and Benedick.Formal wording used correctly.
Characters are defined.
The words convey the characters and the purpose.Little thought has been given to word choice.
ConventionsLooks and reads like an wedding announcement.  High level of conventions used.It is obviously a wedding announcement piece but a little wordy. A range of conventions used.The writing rambles too much for a wedding announcement.
Needs more editing for conventions.
Just another piece of writing!