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Poet Master

How to Play

To become a Poet Master you must work through the levels in order, as each skill you learn builds on the last. You must earn points from each stage to complete a level.

Your ultimate goal is to build confidence in your understanding and analysis of poetry.

The poems you may choose from are hereUse a different poem for each level. Longer poems are easier to analyse, because they have more content to choose from.

Put the most recent task at the top of your document. When you have completed each task, let me know in a comment on your doc. I will reply with complete or incomplete.

Completion date:9 p.m. Sun 22nd Nov. Last class time: 17th Nov. 

Level 1 - Poet Novice

You need 2000 XP, in any combination from the stages (inc. bonus), before you begin Level 2 - Poet Journeyman

Poet Novice - Understand the meanings of literary texts, and their contexts 

1. Show the connections with texts, self, and world that you see in the poem - 250XP

2. Write a 3-2-1 summary - 500XP

3. Write a song telling the story of the poem - 500XP

4. Use a flow chart to show the main ideas in the poem - 500XP

5. Write a text message summing up the poem - 250XP

6. In no more than 140 characters sum up the poem - 250XP

7. Create a word cloud for the poem - 250XP

8. Create verbal, visual vocab sheets for words that are new for you - 250XP

Poet Trainee - explore texts beyond their surface meanings to show deeper awareness of ideas and attitudes

9. Focus on the images in the poem and create a visual collage - 500XP

10. Put together a box of objects that captures the ideas in the poem - 250XP

11. Make a crossword puzzle for the poem - 500XP

12. Choose a song to represent the poem - 500-700XP

13. Create a pyramid breakdown of the ideas in the poem - 700XP

14. Create a mindmap of the ideas in the poem - 700XP

15. Create an image of what you think the poem means/suggests. - 700XP

You will be asked to write an analysis of the poem "War Photographer" at the end of Poet Master.  The bonus level will help you with this assignment, whilst showing what skills you have gained from Level 1.

Level 1 Bonus - 750XP

Before choosing your task for Poet Journeyman, go to the Chrome web store and add the  Videonot.es app. Then read this  powerpoint  on inference. 

Level 2 - Poet Journeyman 

You need 8000XP before you begin Level 3 - Poet Artisan

Poet Journeyman - Draw inferences, determine the meaning of words and phrases 

2. Produce sensory notes for one of the poems - 1000XP
3. Double Entry Journal - 1000XP
4. Create a periodic table for the poem - 4000XP
5. Produce a guided reading of the poem - 4000XP
6. Create dictionary entries on the words in the poem - 1000XP

Poet Apprentice - Understand how the cumulative impact of specific word choices evokes time, place, and tone.

7. Create a jeopardy quiz for the poem - 1500XP
8. Design a jigsaw puzzle - 2000XP
9. Produce an animation of the word choices - 3000XP
10. Create a Facebook page for the author - 2000XP
11. Create a series of mathematical equations to represent the impact of word choice - 1500XP

Level 2, Stage 3 - 2000XP

Level 3 - Poet Artisan

You need 21,000XP before you begin Level 4 - Poet Expert

Poet Artisan - Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze in detail its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details

1. Create a game based on the poem - 5000XP
2. Make a 3D structure - 5000XP
3. Create a storyboard of the poem - 2500XP
4. Draw a tree for the theme(s) of the poem - 2500XP
5. Submit an annotated copy of the poem - 3000XP
6. Create a spiral of the theme in the poem and how it is developed through the poem - 2500XP

Poet Veteran - Analyze how an author's choices creates point of view

You need to watch the video by Mrs T on poetic devices before you choose one of these

7. Propaganda poster - 3500XP

8. Write an interview between a reporter and the author - 4000XP

9. Design a magazine cover capturing the essence of the author’s point of view - 4000XP

10. Write a newspaper article on war - 4500XP

11. Write a speech on war from the poet's perspective - 4500XP

Stage 3 - 3000XP

Level 4 - Poet Expert

You need 31,000XP to become a Poet Master

1. Hold a Socratic seminar to discuss a poem - 10,000XP
2. Write your own poem - 10,000XP
3. Perform a poem - 10,000XP
4. Write a letter to a younger student - 10,000XP
5. Analyse a poetic passage from the Bible - 10,000XP

Congratulations! You are now a Poet Master. After completing the evaluation and reflection form, Mrs T will explain how you can demonstrate your mastery.

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