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Level: Poet Journeyman

Reward: 1200XP
Players: 1


1. Read the poem.
2. Imagine what the story behind the poem is.
3. Write that story. 


“The Young Housewife”

At ten AM the young housewife
moves about behind the curtains
the wooden walls of her husband’s house.
I pass solitary in my car.
Then again she comes to the curb
to call the ice-man, fish-man, and stands
shy, tucking in
stray ends of hair, and I compare her
to a fallen leaf.
The noiseless wheels of my car
rush with a crackling sound over
dried leaves as I bow and pass smiling.


I was in the grocery store. She hurriedly pushed her cart past mine; her yellow dress reminded me of summer. It was her. I had seen that yellow dress this morning across the street from my house. She had stood in the doorway, arms crossed across her stomach. Her husband yelled and shouted all the way to the car prior to slamming the car door shut for emphasis.

Her long hair swayed behind her. I could not help but notice her brushing back her tears. I had only seen her face for a brief moment, but her sadness could not be hidden. I knew why she was sad. She disappeared around the left side of the aisle, so I continued to buy the groceries I needed, onions, hamburger patty, bread... Oh what aisle is the bread on?

I saw a flash of yellow at the end of the bread aisle. My hands felt sweaty on the handle of the cart, I stepped forward anyways. I glanced with regret towards my left. I had wanted wheat bread, but she was standing near the white bread down on the right. I knew I could convince myself that my latest health kick was not as important as asking her if she was okay.

“Excuse me,” I quietly asked her. She looked at me with fierce green eyes. Her cheeks were full and rosy colored; I could not help but notice the freckles that graced her skin.

“Yes?” She looked confused and irritated.

My mouth went dry. Why could I not formulate words? A scratchy feeling swallowed my words and a simple “Oh nothing,” squeaked out. I awkwardly grabbed the unwanted white bread and returned down the bread aisle.