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Double Entry Journal

Level 2: Poet Journeyman

Reward: 1000XP
Players: 1


1. Make two columns.
2. The left column will be the line or quote.
3. The right column will explain the line or quote.


“Fire and Ice”

[1] Some say the world will end in fire,
[2] some say in ice.
[3]From what I’ve tasted of desire
[4] I hold with those who favor fire.
[5]But if it had to perish twice,
[6] I think I know enough of hate
[7]To say that for destruction ice
[8]Is also great
[9] And would suffice.

Robert Frost

Double Entry Journal

Important Images/ Lines

Meaning/ Explanation

line one: “world will end in fire”

the world will end up destructing due to the passion and desire

line 2: some say in ice

the world will end up destructing due to the hatred found in the world

line 3 & 4

from the desire found in my life, yeah i would agree with those who argue it will end in fire

line 6 -8

but when i think about the hate in my life, i think that destruction by ice is actually just as probable.




desire or passion

destruction of the world

inevitable and due to the human sinfulness found in the world