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Instant Messages

Level: Poet Initiate

Reward: 1000XP
Players: 1-2


Write an IM conversation between the author of one of the poems and a reader. Your main focus should be around the point of view of the poet.  It should be written in netspeak (lol, brb, ttyl, and smilies for example) and should sound like real people.

1. Include online names for each character that reveal who they are.
2. Have at least 10 responses from each character (numbered).
3. Discuss the poem in detail (“lol that’s 2 bad” isn’t detail!), that reveals the point of view of the poet.
4. Give an indication of each person’s opinions. (It should read like a conversation not like one voice arguing with itself.) However, please do not write derogatory terms.
5. Use netspeak when appropriate.
6. Use emoticons when appropriate.


1. AudenRocks: (Reader): Can I ask you about "Funeral Blues"?

1. ImTheMan: (Auden): Yes.  Wot do you want to know?

2AudenRocksMost of the imagery shows you feel sad pretty clearly. Wot's with the dog and juicy bone? That seems too light.

2. ImTheMan: Yeah. I guess it could come across like that. But the point is making the dog quiet thru the bone.

3. AudenRocksI geddit. Wot about "working week and Sunday best"?

3. ImTheMan: Well if you luv some1 that much, you want to be with them every day.  During the borin' week and the fun weekend. They are ordinary and extraordinary.

4. AudenRocksTotes. Kind of weird how the aeroplanes moan tho?

4. ImTheMan: It may not be a usual sound connected 2 planes, but moaning is sad, rite?

5. AudenRocksk, so the sound is chosen to reflect the feelin'?

5. ImTheMan: Yep. If u look closely, u'll see that the first verse is all about sound.

6. AudenRocksI c that now. Cool! 

6. ImTheMan: It builds up so that by the end it's moved from a silly noise - a clock - to the big time destruction - shutting out stars, moon and sun - that shows the depth of grief.

7. AudenRocksDeep dude.  I feel ur pain.

7. ImTheMan: This luv was all encompassing.

8. AudenRocksHaha. "North, East, South, West".

8. ImTheMan: Clever, huh? 

9. AudenRocks: One last thing - the title?

9. ImTheMan: Blues is a type of music known for its sad stories.

10. AudenRocksThanks, man. Appreciate ur time digging deeper.

10. ImTheMan: Anything for a fan.