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Level: Poet Artisan

Reward: 2500XP
Players: 1 or 2


A storyboard is typically used by filmmakers, but you are using it to visualise the poem you read.  Below are some templates you can use or adapt to create your own storyboard.  You must devise a storyboard that clearly shows how a them is shaped and developed through the poem. It is important the storyboard includes a picture for each box in your storyboard - this can be drawn or pasted in.  It is also important for the pictures to accurately represent the setting of the poem. If you are using images from the internet make sure they are creative common license - this means you can use them without infringing copyright.  Take note of what the license says though - you may be expected to provide a citation.

1. Draw or paste a picture for each box of the storyboard. 1250XP
    a) As an alternative, you could create a photo story.
2. On your storyboard write the words or line of the poem underneath the picture.  1250XP
3. If you want to, you could also include a sound if appropriate.


http://www.storyboardthat.com/ - an online storyboard generator. There is a free version.
http://goo.gl/9EVYvp - Google doc template for a storyboard.  This is designed for film-making. Just fill in the information I've asked for.
http://goo.gl/UL6tca - very detailed instructions on how to create a storyboard from scratch in Microsoft Word.
http://goo.gl/a4PTU6 - a different template.
http://goo.gl/YXIJhB - yet another template. Very clean and simple.


a previous Grade 9 student's work: https://goo.gl/gC55Bw