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Text Message

Level: Poet Novice

Reward: 250XP
Players: 1


Summarise the poem in text speak.


This example uses the poem "Crossword" by Lloyd Schwartz.

For David 

You’re doing a crossword.
I'm working on a puzzle.
Do you love me enough?
What's the missing word?
Do I love you enough?
Where’s the missing piece?
Yesterday I was cross with you.
You weren’t paying enough attention.
You were cross with me.
I wasn’t paying enough attention.
Our words crossed.
Where are the missing pieces?
What are the missing words?
Yet last night we fit together like words in a crossword.
Pieces of a puzzle

Lloyd Schwartz

Text Summary:

u r workin in 1 way.. I am workin in a diff way. i thought u <3 me, but dats not true. I thought i <3 u  a loooot, but not sure now. yest i was suuuuper mad. u wont you text me back????!!! huh?! you were mad @ me too … I don’t give you enough attention.. so now we both r mad. we keep asking each other what the heck is wrong?! we r missing ssomethin huh? Well what is it? Last night was totes perrrrf… but waaat the heck has happened 2day?