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Translating Poem

Level 1: Poet Journeyman

Reward: 1200XP


1. Choose a poem.
2. Translate it into another language that you are fluent in. You may not use google translate or other similar program or app. It must be your own effort.
3. Make sure you keep the same ideas and images as the original poet.


Original poem: "MarrySong"

He never learned her, quite. Year after year
That territory, without seasons, shifted
under his eye. An hour he could be lost
in the walled anger of her quarried hurt
on turning, see cool water laughing where
the day before there were stones in her voice.
He charted. She made wilderness again.
Roads disappeared. The map was never true.
Wind brought him rain sometimes, tasting of sea -
and suddenly she would change the shape of shores
faultlessly calm. All, all was each day new;
the shadows of her love shortened or grew
like trees seen from an unexpected hill,
new country at each jaunty helpless journey.
So he accepted that geography, constantly strange.
Wondered. Stayed home increasingly to find
his way among the landscapes of her mind.
                                                                Dennis Scott
Translation: “Kanta ng Kasal”.