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Spoken Word Poetry

You are going to write and deliver your own spoken word poetry. It will be performed to an invited audience on Weds 19th Nov.


It must be memorised, not read. 

It must sound practiced. 

It must have a natural rhythm. (This will be achieved by a combination of short and long sentences and repetition of ideas or phrases.)

It must have a clear main point or idea.

It must have emotional or personal significance. Or be on an issue you care about.

It must have the cadence of a spoken word poem.

You cannot be static while performing.

It could have an instrumental soundtrack playing as you perform.

Standards you are demonstrating:

  • Demonstrate progression through the stages of the writing process (prewriting, writing, editing, and revising)

  • Use a range of appropriate vocabulary

  • Use register appropriate to audience and context

  • Show a clear sense of audience

  • Write in a variety of genres and styles such as newspaper articles, narratives, compare and contrast pieces, journal entries, letters, speeches, descriptive or personal pieces, to meet the purpose.

  • Present facts, ideas and opinions in an orderly sequence and most should also be able to consciously order and present facts, ideas and opinions for a particular purpose and audience.

  • Speak audibly and intelligibly with appropriate tone, intonation and pace.


Examples from class:

"Love To Worship" by Dillon Chase
Sarah Kay TED talk
"Speak" by Miller Brown
"God With Us" Folk Angel feat. Isaac Wimberley

Other examples:

"Darkness"  - not great sound but a great poem.

"I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate" by Suli Breezy - I do not necessarily endorse all his views but they make you think!

"Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus" by Jefferson Bethke - I do not necessarily endorse all his views but they make you think!

"Is Justice Worth It?" by Micah Bournes

"A Great Big World" by Say Something

"My Honest Poem" by Rudy Francisco

"His Day is Done" by Maya Angelou on the death of Nelson Mandela.  (You do not need to watch beyond the poem)

"You" by Amena Brown

"Birth Mother" by Mayra Duron

"You're Beautiful" by Trae Elijah