Archive of Articles 2013-4

Arts, including Media, Literature and Writing

Nairobi Westgate Mall attack

Shakespeare-Star Wars mash up

Julian Fellowes' views on R&J

Romeo and Juliet film (2013)

Pixar secret - rewrite, re-edit, recut,

Textual analysis of Hunger Games

how famous writers visualised their novels

Stolen Stradivarius Violin

Neil Gaiman's lecture on why reading is important

10 bizarre Victorian love stories

Swedish Divers discover stone age "Atlantis" 

The dark origins of 11 nursery rhymes

Speaking - painting - the "art" of Bible translation

The favourite books of all 44 US Presidents

Timeline of National Geographic

Teens say job opportunities affected by media

N.Korean leaders write stories

Japanese travel tips for America

28 books you should read if you want to

The worst mistakes alien world-builders make

The real identity of Andy's mum in Toy Story is...

Must every YA action heroine be petite?

10 stories that sound like April Fool's jokes but aren't


Are We Too Soft on Students?



How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves

Stop penalizing Boys for not sitting still

6 Reading Habits to develop...

Comparing education across the world

What makes a successful college student?

Dying students should be exempt from exams

Education fails deaf children

Cambridge calls for more female professors

Rise in numbers of children on adult psychiatric wards

Science-backed ways to improve your memory

Ethics and Character

Bikers offer protection to abused children

Amish School Shooter's Mother goes public with healing message

History, Culture and Politics

How we should date history

Palestinians Must Accept Israel as Jewish Land

How did letters reach WW1 soldiers?

Why men need women

Russell Brand on the constant war against addiction Generally I would not encourage you to watch/read Brand material as it can be full of profanity, but this is an insightful view into how addiction affects you for life.

On-going effects in Zamboanga

Mandela's death leaves S. Africa without a moral compass

North Korea's hermit king

How are the Oscar winners picked?

Should the drinking age in the US be lowered?

Genetic ancestry of Native Americans

Free Speech vs Violent video games

Michelle Obama's approach to diversity

The first ever battery from the Ancient World

Impact of black scientists and inventors

The dark origins of 11 nursery rhymes

Irena Sendler, rescuer of Jews from Warsaw Ghetto

Giving men the Titus 2:5 treatment

Far right group rally in synagogue

UN wants to punish N. Korea for human rights abuses

Detainees break out of centre in Papua New Guinea

Church moves into historic building

Loneliest bus stops in the UK

Timeline of women explorers

Top 10 extraordinary places to stay

Teens say job opportunities affected by media 

N.Korean leaders write stories

Syrian conflict crosses into Lebanon

How travel makes you a better person

Personal comment on Japanese American internment

S. Korean man to meet N. Korean brother after 64 years

African cities from Middle Ages

modern day slavery by numbers

Underwater sculptures for divers

Ship of animals

Does this article make you feel awkward?


The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence

Reading in the 21st Century: Paper vs Screen

4 Things Astronauts can teach you about Sleep

6 Things that make you more productive

8 Facts to make you more productive 

Why our brains love lists

Middle School Brains


Superbowl (2014) controversy over Coca-Cola ad

Superbowl more like super blowout

England women's cricket team go professional

I'm playing rugby, when I could be dead

Yarnold savours winning gold

Skater disqualified for second race

How Olympians stay Motivated

Faith Academy win Far East

Technology and Social Media

5 Questions to ask before posting to Social Media

Rules for tweeting by a Church Diocese

Spys tap phone apps

Be a thinker: Pocket your Smartphone

Have smartphones killed boredom, and is this a good thing?

Kids who skip school are tracked by GPS

The energy of an internet search

One day your pants may be powering your iPod

Cyberspace generation: Old Fogies by 20

Say Cheese and pass the airbrush

Policeman's twitter account suspended

Nude scanner app ad removed

Can crowdsourced reviews be trusted?

Cafe bans laptops