Non-fiction Reading Journal

Rubric for Reading Journal
This is a reflection i.e. your thoughts and feelings as you read. I am looking for your ability to do one or more of the following:
  • comment
  • interpret
  • evaluate  
  • offer insight
  • make intelligent, personal connections
  • analyse how the parts make the whole

It may help you to frame a question before you write and answer it through your reflection e.g. When I read this text what words try to convince me that the product is healthy?

Include the information of what you are reading e.g. title of article, source,

Comment = Make observations and deductions from the text.

Interpret = Make reasonable inferences from the text.

Evaluate = Make judgements on the text.  This could be values, the author’s purpose, whether it is effective, how devices are used to create meaning.

Insight = Your own ideas and connections you make.

Analyse = pick out details and explain their contribution to overall meaning.