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References to Shakespeare in popular culture

This is a list of links for the references Grade 9 found of Shakespeare and/or Romeo and Juliet.

1.  I think Horrible Histories sketch show completely rocks, so I am starting with something from them!  It is based on a UK TV show called "Mastermind", but even if you don't know the show, it still works.  Another reference to the phrases Shakespeare coined.

2.  A comic strip with Shakespeare and Twitter.

3.  Another comic strip.

4.  A documentary of the remarkable story of how a 53-year-old rare book dealer from the North East of England became the centre of a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a long lost Shakespeare First Folio.

The film follows bachelor Raymond Scott as he finds himself the focus of a worldwide investigation, involving the FBI, a Cuban fiancee and Durham CID.

5.  The gravestones of a Protestant and Catholic husband and wife in Holland.

6.  Shakespeare in Love trailer.  This film is a clever exploration of Romeo and Juliet, but I cannot recommend you watch it as there is a lot of sexual content.

7.  Of course, the Taylor Swift video.

8.  A cartoon referencing one of Shakespeare's most famous sonnets. (Yes, he wrote poems too).

9.  Another cartoon.

10. Reference to Shakespeare in The Avengers.