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Why is Shakespeare Relevant?

Here are a few resources (videos on youtube, so not viewable at school) that attempt to answer why Shakespeare is still relevant.  You could use these as inspiration for your own answer - both as ideas and format.

1.  Behind the Red Curtain - this is a group of theatre professionals discussing why they think Shakespeare is still worth performing.  The acting opinion is particularly interesting.

2.  Rant on Shakespeare - it's not professional, but I like its heart!  Modelled on some TV show/sketch I've never seen, but an interesting idea.  A bit wobbly camerawork though!

3.  Why Shakespeare? - a prezi answering this question.

4.  Shakespeare Song - Horrible histories song of famous phrases coined by Shakespeare.

5.  An online debate.  *WARNING - some offensive language in some comments.*  You could add your own thoughts!

6.  A brief examination of the main reasons Shakespeare is considered so influential.

7.  This is an interesting article because it is from an Asian perspective.  Originally published in Singapore's Strait Times.

8.  Another written summary of the reasons Shakespeare is still relevant.

9.  Examples of quotes we still use today.

If you come across any great ideas that we can add here, email me the link.