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Writer's Notebook

Your Writer's Notebook will be an important tool for your learning. I think it is important for you to write often and experiment with different forms of writing. Your writer's notebook is your space to try out new ideas.  They will not be graded, but I will read them every so often, particularly when I have asked you to do a written reflection.

Many great thinkers and professionals have used notebooks to record and generate ideas. Leonardo Da Vinci may be the most well-know of these.  Look at how he organised his notebooks:

There were often copious notes along with images.

Look at this example from a professional tailor:

One showing the field notes of a scientist.

Here is an interesting video on Michelangelo and how he used his notebooks.

The notebook will only be as useful as you make it.  It can be simply a storage of class notes and information, or it can be a useful tool for your learning.

Your notebook is a place for "the 7 Cs": capture, conceive, compose, connect, create, converse, contemplate, (I will add an 8th - customize)